Saturday, September 7

Fall Fashion Fridays

It's fall and we are all bringing out our fall jackets and cozy layered knit sweaters - and we want to capture it all. Our Fall Fashion Friday feature is a piece we will be doing every Friday to bring back to life the style that people think Ottawa has lost. We will be interviewing some fashionistas and fashion bloggers from around the city and sharing it with all of you. Today we have our first fall feature and she is as fabulous as they get!

Fall Fashion Feature:
Rawan Hanhan - Street style Fashionista
We caught up with Rawan in her home on casual Sunday and asked her a few questions to give us a little insight on her style.

If you could pick just one and only one store to shop at right now, which one would it be?

For an online store, I'd go with Nasty Gal ( They're carrying so many of the styles I'm into right now and there is a lot of variety and less chance of someone wearing the same thing as you. For an actual store, definitely the New York City Urban Outfitters ( because it doesn't compare to the one we have here in Ottawa, not only is it much bigger but the selection of clothes and styles over there is much better.

 What is your go-to fall fashion trend right now?

Harem pants and oversized/baggy sweaters - they're perfect for fall and so comfy without looking messy.

When it comes to style and fashion, who's your ultimate icon?

Carrie Bradshaw (swoon, we love her!) - Her body works with everything, she can pull off the nicest and craziest outfits of all styles, she’s so diverse. From jeans and t-shirt to a wearing a pink frilly tutu - she's fabulous. Though I’m not as a shoe fanatic as she is but I'm 100% with her on her love for clothes.

How do you put together your outfits’ everyday, any routines or inspirations for it?

I usually plan my outfit the night before, because I know myself and how I want to look when I dress. Of course occasion depending - I don't want to waste a good outfit on an insignificant day. (We feel you, girl!)

 What keeps it going for you with fashion, style, and keeping on top of it?

The way it makes me feel, you feel fabulous with good style! What you wear can make you feel so confident and I always want to feel that!

Rawan is clearly an Ottawa fashionista to keep out for, she's always on top of her style and we love everything about it! Her perfect fall outfit (see above) consists of a neatly put together salt and pepper Wilfred dress by Artizia (, a statement purple scarf to add some pop of color and leather moccasins to bring the whole look together - we adore it! Follow Rawan on instagram @roubear to check out her other great outfits!

( We had some technical difficulties with our blog last night, but FFF will be featured every Friday)


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