Wednesday, November 6

Fall Fashion Feature

Alright alright, we will admit it, we've been a little too quiet lately. But you just keep your eyes wide open for today's read! Yet again we are blown-n-n away by the amount of talent Ottawa holds. 

However, this piece is a little different as not only did we get the opportunity to learn a little more about Stephano's manager, but we also got the chance to discover a whole new store in the heart of downtown Ottawa. Gentlemen this one is for you!

Fall Fashion Feature:
Ramy Khalaf – Manager at Stephano Menswear & Tailoring

What inspired you to get into fashion?

When my parents first opened a menswear store I wasn't into the industry at all. I would make excuses to dodge spending time at the shop, whereas now I make excuses to stay there. Inspiration comes from many different sources such as other people, magazines, idols/notorious people etc... My inspiration came from all sorts of sources, but mainly from my mother and grandmother.
Ramy Khalaf of Stephano Menswear
These two inspiring women loved beautiful clothes and always defined simple elegance with their outfits; hence why I believe in simple elegance. My Mother had separate bureaus dedicated to her garments, a shoe closet and a big shadow box for her jewels which was given to her from my grandmother. I loved seeing her dressed up every day whether it was for work or grocery shopping. 

We absorb a lot of spoken lessons from mothers but much from what I learned was unspoken. As a kid, she would love to dress me up every day and throw a joke about my future wife. I learned so much from watching her that it became a daily routine. To this day I still ask, " Mom what do you think of this outfit?" 

If you could shop at only one store, what would it be?

If I could shop at only one store it better be one big store full of everything, and I mean everything! I'm the type of guy that won’t have a particular store to shop at or a 'favorite'. I like to pick things out from different places and put them together myself. (qualities of a true stylist!)

What’s your favorite fall fashion trend at the moment?

My favorite fall fashion trends right now would have to be cuffed pants as well as scarves. Whether its cuffed denim or cotton sweatpants, it is a definite weapon of choice that goes well with sneakers or minimal dress shoes. Scarves are just an easy addition to your outfit that simply make you look better. Tie them up in a knot or just toss them on as a blanket, it will warm up your ensemble. 

Who is your fashion icon?

My fashion icon would have to be my favorite basketball player, Dwyane Wade. In my opinion, he is the best dressed NBA player today. From creating new trends and styles to designing his own line of fashion, the man is truly an icon. 

How you put together your daily styles/outfits?

Putting together an outfit should be easy, but ends up taking longer than the whole 'getting ready' process. When it comes to putting an outfit together i just go with the flow but I follow a few key notes I've put together. 

1. Be self-confident.
2. A great outfit doesn't necessarily mean it’s a designer label or high priced. 
3. Make sure what you put on fits your body and personality. 

4. Have a pair of 'kick ass' shoes. I would also like to add a great saying that every man should go by, “The clothes don't make the man; it’s the man that makes the clothes." 

Stephano Menswear & Tailoring is a family owned business based in the city of Ottawa, and is a mainstay for well-dressed men. Stephano offers high-end men’s clothing, footwear and accessories for formal, casual and semi-casual occasions. As well, at Stephano Menswear they use traditional techniques and professional skills to offer their customers complete services. They offer professional on-site tailoring for Men and Women.

Gentlemen, if you need an outfit for a special occasion or if you simply want to look good casually walking down the  streets of Ottawa, then be sure to check out Stephano Menswear instagram account: @stephanomenswear, twitter: @StephanoOttawa, facebook page : Stephano Menswear and Tailoring, and their website:

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  1. Such an awesome style feature! We both couldn't agree more with his tips on how to put an outfit together, particularly his saying of "the clothes don't make the man, the man makes the clothes." It's all about self confidence and making sure that whatever look you do rock, whether its a tailored suit to urban streetstyle, you feel good wearing it!

    PS. Will definitely be checking out Stephano Menswear with CJ soon!