Friday, October 18

Fall Fashion Feature

Last week we took a little break from our Fall Fashion Fridays but we’re BACK! And boy, oh boy do we have a great piece for you today. We met with another duo that just blew us away, we met these two back in September and had a major fan-girl moment with them! Safe to say, we are very excited we had the chance to catch up with them again.

We caught up with CJ and Katherine over coffee on an early morning. These two have been running a couple’s style blog called Our Mode for about a year now. Give this a read and find out about the couple behind the blog!

Fall Fashion Feature:
CJ and Katherine – Style Bloggers at Our Mode
Katherine of Our Mode

What inspired you to get into fashion?

CJ: I've always read up on GQ and other magazines and I feel like meeting Katherine too made it all simple. I've always had the idea of starting a blog, I met Katherine and I thought she dressed well and we had the same approach to fashion - wearing what you feel like and wearing what works out. 
Katherine: I've always been into fashion and dressing in a way that makes me feel good. So when we met each other, we both had our own blog and it only made sense to have a couples fashion blog because there aren't that many around and so we here we are!

If you could shop at only one store, what would it be?

CJ: Banana Republic
Katherine: Zara, because it has that higher fashion feel without the high price tag

What’s your favorite fall fashion trend right now?

Katherine: I’m all about the leather! Leather detailing, leather skirt, leather boots
CJ: I would say for me rugged boots in every color and every style. I just couldn’t wait for fall because I just love boots. (Katherine: You should see our shoe closet, he has more boots than I have shoes!)

Who are you fashion icons?

Katherine: We don’t really follow trends in that sense but there are definitely designers that we follow like Jeffrey Campbell, he makes amazing shoes, and Alexander McQueen. But as for fashion icon it would be Carrie Bradshaw but in terms of getting style inspiration it would be more of just street style and take notes on that, there is so much inspiration from street style.
CJ:  Idris Alba, he’s a UK actor - he dresses great and what he wears is very masculine and very charismatic. He just throws things on and he looks great in it. That’s if I had a fashion icon. 
CJ of Our Mode

How you put together your styles/outfits day to day?

CJ: First thing I do is check the weather because the last thing I want and one of my biggest pet peeves  is walking out that door and it starts to rain or snowing and I’m wearing nice shoes without spraying protective spray on them. I usually build around one piece, for example my boots, and then I either work my way up or my way down and I just try things on and sometimes it just doesn't work and I’m like nah and I keep trying. It also depends how I feel that day. 
Katherine: I’m a bit less systematic, I don’t always check the weather but then I regret it! It really revolves around how I feel that day when I wake up, if I’m feeling girly I’ll put a cute dress, chiffon or lace but if I’m feeling a little edgier I’ll wear leather and some fun tights or something. 

What we love about these two is that they are having so much fun with what they are doing. When they came to decide on a name, CJ and Katherine just saw the name on a written news paper and loved it. Mode in French translates to style but also means a way of doing things – our mode, our style. These two are such a great couple and fashion duo, not only are they driven but so creative and incredibly sweet. We are very privileged to have had the chance to catch up with them and share it with all of you! To stay updated on our mode, follow their instagram account: @ourmode, twitter: @ourMode and their website:

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