Friday, November 22

Final Fall Fashion Feature

It is so sad to be saying goodbye to our fall features, it has been so much fun meeting and getting to know all the great people of Ottawa who have shown us that we do not lack style whatsoever. Throughout the fall season we have attempted to capture the unique and original styles of the Ottawa crowd and the Ottawa fashion community. To mark our final fall feature, we have an incredibly unique young woman to showcase who always catches our eye. 

 Fall Fashion Feature - Lorie Aoun Street Style Fashionista

What inspired you to get into fashion?

I was never good at dressing up or matching things together but my mentor Thierry, founder of PRIDE & EGO  got me into it I guess by always giving me advice and I would talk to him and have him  help me put things together and what to match etc. I've never been into trends, but more of just whatever I can put together and feels good.

If you could shop at only one store, what would it be?

American apparel! It is so versatile, and it's actually classy when you want it to be and then super casual when you want it to be, there is lots of options, different styles and also great quality.

What's your favorite fall fashion trend right now? 

I'm not really one to be following trends but something I've been seeing around a lot that I'm really into is big scarves, you can thrown on a scarf with anything, it’s so easy and pulls a look together.

Who is your fashion icon? 

Rihanna and Kim Kardasian. Rihanna because she can be so classy one minute and then a tomboy the next but still looks so sexy. She’s everywhere, all over the map and she wears whatever she wants, she doesn't stick to a specific style and  I admire that. Kim is just always always on point and dressed well, never missing a beat, she’s beautiful.

 How do you put together an outfit?

 It all depends on how I feel when I wake up, if I'm feeling lazy I'll throw on a pair of boyfriend jeans (YES! WE LOVE THIS!) And if I'm feeling a little more sassy or girly, I'll opt for putting something like that together. It's all about what makes me feel the most comfortable.

Lorie is currently attending the School of Arts for painting classes, creatively talented woman. We chose Lorie as our final feature because not only does she rock the street style aspect which we adore but she also does it with unbelievable confidence that inspires others. We remember looking at her once and thinking, "Damn, wish I could pull that off" and her answer was YOU CAN and it has stuck with us every since. Lorie is certainly a woman to keep your eye out for, but in the meantime check out her instagram @lorieaoun - Thank you to Lori and to each and  every one of our fall features, you were all so amazing and it was pleasure being able to give light on the great style of Ottawa, until next fall! 

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