Wednesday, February 19

Two In One

    "Dear Donna", "Hey Donna", "Thanks Donna!" Oh boy, we didn't exactly think of this one through did we? Putting out two first names to make one has got a lot of people thinking that DonnaMay is a single name. Though we don't mind as we are basically a two in one package, we bicker like little children and have a love for each other like two sisters (cue "awwws"). We finally took to going behind the camera for a fun shoot with our very favorite Kaja Tirrul and though it was filled with "Kaja, what am I suppose to do? Where do I look?", Kaja was able to magically capture the authenticity of Donna and May duo that we are. With a ton of giggles and a little chilly weather, we managed to pull off this incredibly fun shoot and are so excited to share it with all of you! And c'mon folks no one wants the tears and hysteria of poor little May feeling left out**, here's the two-in-one duo of DonnaMay Stylist!
                                                       **P.S we joke, we joke **

                                             Photography: Kaja Tirrul of Kaja Photo

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