Friday, September 20

Fall Fashion Friday

Welcome to our third edition of fall fashion Friday! We are having such a great time meeting and connecting with people from around our city who have shown us that yes, Ottawa DOES have killer style!
This Friday we have an Ottawa fashion blogger who captures the laid back casual style all while looking crisp and classy.

Fall fashion feature:
Nathalie Boucher - Fashion Blogger/Aspiring Designer 
We met up with Natalie on a warm afternoon at Carleton University, where she is currently a student studying Art history.

What inspired to get into fashion or to start fashion blogging?
Fashion blogging is a creative outlet for me. I love fashion and I want to become a designer one day so fashion blogging was something to start me off and get my name out there and it's mostly just fun.

If there was only one store you could shop at right now, what would it be?
Topshop ( have absolutely everything and it is all awesome - clothes, shoes, accessories, everything in one place. Throw me in that store and I can easily spend a $1000 because I just love everything they carry.

What is your favorite fall trend at the moment?
Boyfriend Jeans - which my boyfriend hates but I love them! When in doubt, then throw on a pair of boyfriend jeans. I have about 5 pairs right now and they go with everything, you can dress them up or just wear them casually. Plus they fit my style perfectly - effortless.

Who is your fashion icon?
Fashion blogger Courtney Trop! (Instagram @alwaysjudging) Her style is similar to mine - not too girly, a lot of black and just an overall laid back type of vibe.

How do you style and out together your outfits?
I try everything in my closet on, everything. And if I feel like one thing is off in my outfit, I have to start all over again. I’m very picky with my wardrobe but I love to mix and match a lot. And I love black and wear it a lot since it just goes with everything and makes it easier to pair (You really cannot go wrong with black!)

Every time we run into Nathalie she always looks so posh, yet so laidback at the same time and we love that combination! She currently has a fashion blog which we recommend you all check out and her Instagram @goldwaters. As you can see with her fall outfit above, she can mix a classy blazer with a pair of boyfriend jeans and sneakers and make it work so well! Keep an eye for this blogger, down the road you could be ogling over her fashion designs!

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