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Fall Fashion Feature

Thank goodness it's Fall Fashion Feature Friday ! As we have mentioned a million times before, we are having a great time getting into the know with all these creative and stylish individuals from our city. If you'd like to be a Friday Feature, send us an email (  we love meeting new people!

This week, we were blown away by the fabulous pair of fashion bloggers who run the blog StreetReadyStyle, these are two gentlemen are so uniquely creative, let's meet them!

Fall Fashion Feature :
Justin David and Eric Vance - Fashion Bloggers of 'StreetReadyStyle'

Justin David of StreetReadyStyle
What inspired you to get into fashion?

Justin: It all started at a young age for me - When I was in high school I would match the colours to everything I wore and be very influenced by everyone/everything I saw around me. Having gone through the Hollister and Abercrombie phase like most teenager did, I soon realized I didn't want to wear what everyone else was wearing. I guess you could say this was when I really started my own style. People noticed and I was even crowned best dressed at my school!
 Eric:  I've been inspired to get into fashion since I was in high school as well, when I met a friend who showed me the ropes. He introduced me to downtown boutiques and we would work, save up money and spend it all at these stores. From grade 9 to 12 we were broke but at least we had Raw denim from Sweden and Marc Jacobs sunglasses! Since then every day I strive to be informed on current fashion and work on my own personal style. I love it!

If you could shop at only one store right now, what would it be?

Justin: If I could only shop at one store right now it would have to be Topman (, I love the basics I can find there and mixing it with some vintage pieces. As well, I find the clothes are truly tailored for the slimmer guys.
 Eric: If I could shop at one store right now it would be SSENSE ( Not only does it carry designers that are killing it in the fashion world, it features Canadian designers to support local talent. It's on online department store with one boutique in Montreal. It carries Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Wang, Acne, Balmain, Y-3 and so many more of my favorite designers! Even if you’re not in the budget for a shopping spree at SSENSE, it's a fantastic tool for inspiration and to browse through the hottest trends in street fashion.

What is your current go-to fall fashion trend?

Justin: My go-to fall trend right that I'm obsessed with right now is anything quilted. Whether it is a vest or a bomber jacket, I think it gives a traditional sophisticated look. Balmain has incorporated this concept in his recent collection and the shape it gives to a woman is stunning!
 Eric: My current go-to fall fashion trend would be a bomber. It's a simple piece you can layer and the options are endless, you can rock a simple t-shirt. You can dress it up and style it like a blazer with a shirt and tie. You can zip it up all the way and wear it with some Nike sneakers for a sporty look. The options are endless! It’s a great staple piece for a total street style junkie or even a dapper gentleman.
Eric Vance of StreetReadyStyle

Who is(are) your fashion icon(s)?
Justin: My fashion icon would have to be Riccardo Tisci and Olivier Rousteing, both being at the top of their game right now, in my opinion they have revolutionized the world of fashion by making street wear high fashion.
Eric: My number one fashion icon is a fictional character, Miranda Priestly from the novel "The Devil Wears Prada". She is queen of New York fashion society and practically blows her nose with a Hermes scarf. My real life fashion icons would be Lady Gaga, Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander McQueen, Anna Wintour, Nicole Richie, Riccardo Tisci and Alexander Wang. They are legends in my eyes. 

 How is it that you put together your outfits/style every day?

Justin: The first thing I do after I check all my social media is check the weather! Once I get an idea of how cold/warm it will be I plan my outfit. I wouldn't say I have "lazy" days because I don't but I do have those days that aren't so dressed up. I usually start off with one piece I want to wear that day and go from there. In addition, I do tend to wear a lot of the same pieces such as my docs and black pants. 
Eric: I love an all black or an all white monochromatic outfit, so I tend to end up doing that quite often. I love oversize top and tight pants. I guess I usually start with a statement piece and then complete the look with simplicity to isolate that piece. Shoes are everything! My favorite shoes right now are my high-top black leather Cinzia Araia sandal sneakers. For the most part I usually wear what is available and isn't sitting in a laundry basket!

StreetReadyStyle came about when co-Founder, Justin, got the idea to start documenting his looks when he found himself already spending a great deal of  time perfecting his outfits - and what better way to do so then start a blog where everyone can swoon and drool over how great his style is. Eric later joined the blogging team with Justin, which led to rebranding and reintroducing the blog,  StreetReadyStyle was born.

We highly recommend you check out the blog these two run ( because not only do they document their personal style but they also report on various fashion events in the city, exclusive interviews with designers and various collections from the world fashion industry. Seriously though, check out those killer outfits above - It’s refreshing to see, not just creative fashion bloggers in our city but also MEN! Male fashion bloggers do not get enough credit and these two certainly deserve great recognition! To stay updated on the bloggers of StreetReadyStyle, follow their official Instagram @streetreadystyle, as well as their personal accounts (Justin:  @imjustindavid and Eric: @electrictonight )

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